Thursday, September 29, 2011

Flash Game Sponsorship

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Flash game sponsorship is a way to get money from flash games. They wanted a game that has never existed and sought by many people, where if the game is played can make players want to play again and again.

For the money generated from each sponsor is different and depends on the game created, the game that do not fit can be rejected by the sponsor. So the first thing to do to get money from flash games is to create a game that is really interesting and has never existed, then do a test of the game is to reduce the bugs to get maximum results, then do not publish games that will be sponsored on Internet, because the sponsors will resist the game.

If the game is ready to sponsored, try to find a suitable sponsors, to find a flash games sponsorship you can be searched on search engines like google by typing the word "flash game sponsorship". And if you already have a suitable sponsor, next is to try to send the game by email into the sponsorship with the type of file (* swf), his regular sponsors will have to enter a price range of games that you want to sponsored, and if the sponsorship is agreed and wanted to sponsor the games these then they will send you an email reply for asking where to insert the logo of their sponsors into the game and send the results back, and be prepared to get paid.

this is the following some of flash games ponsorship:



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